1.Library Facilities

Tagajo city Library (Main Bldg)

Tagajo city Library (Main Bldg)
Address 〒985-0873
2-4-3 Tagajoshi Chuo, Tagajo Eki Kita Building A
Telephone 022-368-6226
FAX 022-368-6227
Transportation Train:JR Senseki Line Tagajo Station North Exit
Car:10 minutes from Sendai Kokita IC
Parking City Parking Lot
Opening hours 9:00AM to 9:30PM
Closed days Open Everyday

▼Facility Information
This library is dedicated to giving people a comfortable atmosphere so you may concentrate for hours, or simply walk in for a quick read.
The concept is "home".
Each floor has a different concept for you to enjoy.

1F Books on cooking, travelling, lifestyle and sports.
The Kid's Library has over 30,000 children's books with chairs and desks so you can enjoy a living room type experience with the family.
2F Like a private "study", this tranquil floor has books on literature,humanity and art.
3F The 3rd floor is for you to study, experiment and work.
There are books on business, society, history, and there are 50 seats.

Tagajo city Library Sanno Branch

Address 〒985-0851
28 Akakeage, Nangu, Tagajo City, Miyagi Prefecture
Telephone 022-368-6192
FAX None
Transportation JR Tohoku Honsen Rikuzen Sanno Station
Opening hours 11:00AM to 5:00PM
Closed days 1.Every Mondays (Except on National Holidays)
2.The next day after a holiday (Except when that day is on a Weekend)
3.Year-end,New Year Other public facility holidays
4.Library rearrangement days (10 days annually,Check HP for details)

Tagajo city Library Oshiro Branch

Address 〒985-0832
5-1-46 Oshiro, Tagajo City, Miyagi Prefecture
Telephone 022-364-8447
FAX None
Transportation 10-15 minutes drive from Tagajo Station via Route 58
Opening hours 11:00AM to 5:00PM
Closed days 1.Every Mondays (Except on National Holidays)
2.The next day after a holiday (Except when that day is on a weekend)
3.Year-end, New Year. Other public facility holidays
4.Library rearrangement days (10 days annually, Check HP for details)

Bookmobile SAZANKA

Circulates around Tagajo City.Please check URL for details

2.Applying for legislation

Types of Library Cards

① Library Card

Library Card

② New Library Card

T Card     Tカード

You must have a valid library card to check out books.
You may use either ① or ②.

▼How to Apply
To apply, you need proper identification.(eg Driver's License, something to show your ID and address)
If you do not have a photo ID, you may need invoices for utility bill forms
The library card may be used in the main building, or any of it's branches.

▼Important Information
・The use of the library card is restricted to the card holder
・The validity of the card is 3 years from the date of issue.
・If you lose your card, kindly contact the library
(※1)If you have an old library card, it is valid until March 2019.

▼Handling of Personal Information
Personal information of the library users shall be used solely for the purpose of library operations
and check out records linked to personal information shall be immediately deleted from the system.

3.Borrowing Material

Bring material and your library card to the counter.
There are automated self-counter machines on the 1st floor of the main building and by the kid's counter.、
Follow the instructions and check out the material by yourself.
Please be aware, not all material may be checked out by the automated self-counter machines.
Materials may be borrowed for the following number of days.

▼Number of materials and duration allowed to check-out by type of material

Material No of Materials Allowed Loan period
Books and Magazines Up to 10 15 Days
AV Material Up to 2 15 Days
Total Up to 12 15 Days

Precious material and new magazines may not be checked out
If you wish to view/listen to AV material in the library, portable DVD players may be checked out.
AV players usage is restricted to 3 hours per person per day, with maximum of 2 items.
Please view the material in the designated areas.

4.Extending Term of Checkout

Checkout terms may be extended if you contact the library during operating hours, or via the Tagajo city Library HP.
One person may extend the term for 15 days only once.
Material borrowed from other municipalities may not be extended.
You may not extend the term if the book is overdue, or if there is a reservation for the material.

5.Returning Material

During opening hours, please return the material to the counter or drop it off at the Book post
When the library is closed, please return to the following areas. You may return it to the Bookmobile as well.

▼Return Areas
The return post at the East entrance of the main building.
・JR Geba Station、Kokufu Tagajo Station (From March 21,2016)
・3 Family Mart Convenience Stores (Tagajo Yawata Shop、Tagajo Ikuei HS Shop、Tagajo Machimae Shop)

▼List of Return Areas within the City.

Return Location Address Operating Hours
(A)Tagajo city Library(Main Building) 〒985-0873
2-4-3 Chuo, Tagajo City Tagajo Eki Kita Building A
24 Hours
(Return to Post after closing hours)
(B)Tagajo city Library(Sanno Branch) 〒985-0851
28 Awakage Nangu, Tagajo , Miyagi Prefecture
11:00AM to 5:00PM
(C)Tagajo city Library(Oshiro Branch) 〒985-0832
5-1-46 Oshiro, Tagajo, Miyagi Prefecture
(D)Kokufu Tagajo Station 〒985-0861
1-9-22 Ukishima, Tagajo, Miyagi Prefecture
24 Hours
(E)Geba Station 〒985-0835
2-13-1Geba, Tagajo, Miyagi Prefecture
(F)Family Mart Tagajo Yawata Shop 〒985-0874
4-7-93 Yawata, Tagajo, Miyagi Prefecture
(G)Family Mart Ikuei High School Mae Shop 〒985-0853
5-5-3 Takahashi, Tagajo, Miyagi Prefecture
(H)Family Mart Tagajo Machimae Shop 〒985-0845
1-209−1 Machimae, Tagajo, Miyagi Prefecture

▼Returning AV Material
DVD's will be rented without the case
CD's and videotapes will be rented out with the cases. Upon return, please return 
the cases and any other material that came with it.
Please rewind the videotapes when returning. Your cooperation is appreciated.

▼If your return date is overdue
If your material is overdue, you will be contacted via phone or email.
If you still do not return the material, a reminder will be sent out.
Depending on the situation, your library card may be cancelled. Please return on time.

6.Return by Parcel Delivery


You may return the material from your home by parcel. Delivery charge is 500 Yen anywhere in the country            
Please request for this service at the counter located on 1F on main building.            
When registered, you will receive an invoice and bag            
When returning cheeked out materials, enclose books in the bag and contact Yamato Transport Co., Ltd. for collection or 
take the bag to the nearest convenience store (agent for Yamato Transport) or regional office of Yamato Transport.
Please note, you may not return large materials that will not fit into this bag.            
Please ensure that checked out books will be returned to the Library on or before the due date. 

7.Searching for Material

The library provides iPads for you to search.
You may search by book title or author name. Search results will be printed onto a receipt for you to find yourself.
PC's are also available at both the Oshiro and Sanno branches. 
You may also search for materials from your PC at home by accessing the Tagajo city Library Homepage
Please do not hesitate to ask any questions


▼List of Newspapers
Daily newspapers may be viewed at the 2nd floor of the main buildings. Copies may not be made.
Please come to the 2rd floor counter to copy past newspapers.

NO. Newspaper Titles
1 Kahoku Shinpo
2 Kahoku Shinpo (Evening Edition)
3 The Asahi Shimbun
4 The Mainichi Newspapers
5 The Yomiuri Shimbun
6 The Sankei Shimbun
7 The Nikkei
8 Nikkan Sports
9 The Japan Times
10 The Asahi Gakusei Shimbun

As for Kahoku Shinpo, there are back issues from the opening of the library (1978)
For other newspapers, 2 years of back issues are available.
For Asahi Shimbun, there are microfilms.
There are digital data bases for Kahoku Shinpo.
Please visit the library counter.for details.

▼List of Magazines
Magazines old and new are provided at every branch.
The newest edition may be viewed only. Back issues may be checked out.

You may check the title, and what branch stores it, at "Search Material",
Please visit library counter for details.

9.Lost Items

If a library material is lost or destroyed, compensation may be required.
For lost AV materials, the price may cost more than the market price.

10.Reserving or Requesting Material

If you have trouble finding a book, or if it is checked out, please notify a librarian.
You may reserve or request a book/material. Please fill in the application form.
Each person may reserve up to 10 books and 2 AV material.

You will be notified when the material is ready. Please come within 8 days.
Please receive your reserved material at the counter on the 1st floor.
If you've specified your pick up at the Bookmobile, please come within 15 days.
If you do not come to pick up within the given times, your reservation will be cancelled.

Furthermore, you can now reserve material from the new Tagajo city Library Website.
Please login to your MYPAGE from the "Search" section.
To login to MYPAGE, you need to register a password so please come to the library counter.

For material that the library does not possess, you may request it at the counter.
(AV material is limited to what is available at each library)
Material may be gathered from other municipal facilities. Please do not hesitate to ask.

11.Logging in to the Website

The Tagajo city Library website has been renewed since March 21, 2016.
You may access the website via PC or smartphone.
Website access may not be possible by feature phones. Your understanding is appreciated.

▼Registering Your MYPAGE
The new website will provide you with a MYPAGE, and here you can reserve material, extend terms and receive info.
Login is not necessary to search, but a password is necessary to login to MYPAGE.
Passwords will be issued at the main building, Sanno or Oshiro branches. 
Please bring your library card, then a temporary password will be issued.
The temporary password is valid for 1 month. Please set your password within the month.
The password must be a mix of numbers and alphabets, 8 to 20 letters long.
Letters such as 「@!#$%&」may not be used.
If you forget your password, or can not access the website, please come to the library counter.
※We advise you to change your password every so often.

12.Internet Service (iPad)

Internet service is free of charge for your convenience. In the main building, iPads may be used.  
Each person is limited to 1 hour of usage.  The Sanno / Oshiro branches each have 1PC for internet usage.
Since there is only 1 PC in the branches, each person is limited to 30 minutes. (You may make 1 extension)

If you have a library card, anybody may use this service.
Please come to the counter.  No charge necessary. 
Children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult.

13.Free Wi-Fi service

The main building is now equipped with a free Wi-Fi.  You may use your PC or smartphone to connect to Wi-Fi.    
You may access the Wi-Fi with your personal computer or smartphone.    
Select  (SSID)「TAGAJOCITY-LIBRARY_Wi-Fi」 to log in.    
Enter your personal e-mail address and you are set.    
If there is no log in for a long period of time, you must re-login.    
The password is posted in the main building.    

Furthermore, power outlets are provided on the 2, 3rd floor of the main building so you may use your personal computer, smartphone etc.    
However, in some seats, PC usage is restricted. We appreciate your cooperation.    

14.Library Log Book

"Library Log Book" is a service in which, every book you read is recorded onto a booklet.
By looking at the books you have read in the past, it may stir up your desire to read other books.
You may acquire a Library Log Book at the 1st floor in the Main Building, or at the kid's counter on the 1st floor
Registration is necessary beforehand.
For Intermediate school students living in the city, the Library Log Book are free of charge.
For High school students and older students living in the city, the charge is 300 Yen.

▼Library Log Book Issuing Price(Service is free, Charge necessary for issuance only)

Subject Age Price
Living in Tagajo City Intermediate School and under Free
High school and over 300Yen
Living outside Tagajo Intermediate School and under
high School and over

15.Reference Services

The library staff is available to answer questions.
This reference service not only helps you find library material, but will assist you in finding educational material for research and experiments.
Please ask questions, then this service will help you find material inside the library, and furthermore
Will supply you with the information you need.
Reference service is available at the counter, but you can use this reference service via telephone or letters.
If the original copy can not be acquired, copy services are available. (Copy charge and/or shipping charge may apply)
Please do not hesitate to ask any questions. Reference service is available at the 2nd and 3rd floor of the main building.
We can not answer the questions below. Thank you for your understanding.

▼These may not be answered

・School homework, questions regarding school exams.
・Expertise fields such as Medicine and drugs, Medical, law, and patents
・Life problems, personal problems.
・Arts and crafts appraisal
・Investigation and research reports, translations
・Questions regarding personal privacy, violation of human rights.
・Other questions that the library decides not to answer.

16. Copying Services

Material found only in the Tagajo city Library may be copied.
To copy, please fill out the "Copy Service Request" form and bring to the staff along with the material you wish to copy.
Copy requires fees.

▼Copying Service Charge
Color:50Yen、 B/W :10Yen

2nd floor Main Building, Reference counter
The Sanno and Oshiro Branch do not have copying services.
There may be a restriction on what can be copied as far as new magazines, newspapers and some CDs. Please ask staff.

17.For the Physically Handicapped

The library is equipped with a wheelchair, and convex glasses.
If communication by writing, or if braille is necessary, please come to any counter.
Please do not hesitate to ask for assistance.

18.For People with Young Children

Strollers are available in the main building.On the 1st floor, nursing rooms and children's restrooms.
are available. Please do not hesitate to use them.
You can also go to the kid's library on the 1st floor where you may read out loud
Volunteers do periodic book readings every week.Free of charge to participate.


The Tagajo city Library holds many events such as book fairs and workshops,
talk shows and a variety of different types of lectures.
There is an event space on the 3rd floor of the main building, and a workshop space on the 1st floor.
Periodically, books are read out loud for young children to enjoy.
Details will be posted on the Tagajo city Library website.

▼Story Telling
The volunteer people hold periodic story telling times for young children.
There are also lectures concerning weaning food to support child raising while introducing books.
Please enjoy a fun time with children at this Story Telling event.
No application or fees are necessary. Simply come and enjoy.

20.Rules on Food and Beverages

In the main building, PET bottles and containers with a lid may be brought into the
designated areas. (Some exceptions apply) 
Food may not be eaten inside the library. Please eat at the Kid's terrace or outside.
Eating or drinking is not allowed at the Sanno and Oshiro Branches.

21. Other Cautions

Photography is prohibited inside the library.
Cell phones may not be used for conversations. Please keep your phone on "silent mode".
On the 3rd floor, any type of device including PC must not make any sounds.
Pets are not allowed.
If you lose or destroy library material, you may be subjected to a fine.
There is a limit to parking space. Please use commercial transport as much as possible.

[For inquires] TEL:022-368-6226 FAX:022-368-6227